Advanced Medical Predictive Devices,
Diagnostics and Displays, Inc.

predicts potentially catastrophic events hours before diagnosis

AMP3D’s extensible SaaS platform for predictive analytics processes “Big” physiological monitoring Data in real time and—at a glance—enables proactive intervention, improved outcomes, and cost savings throughout the healthcare delivery continuum.
Analyze Big Data and predict potentially catastrophic illness

  • SaaS platform makes sense of “Big Data” in health care in real time.
  • Immediately enables earlier intervention and better outcomes by using “signatures” of respiratory and cardiovascular instability to predict potentially catastrophic events.
  • Predicts critical illness—like respiratory decompensation leading to emergent intubation, hemorrhage, and severe sepsis—that can quadruple mortality and increase lengths-of-stay by 9 days on average.
  • Processes physiological monitoring and EHR data via patented algorithms, and displays results in an actionable, intuitive, and mobile-ready format called CoMET® (Continuous Monitoring of Event Trajectories).
  • Growing database of 100+ TB of monitoring data for clinician-adjudicated events comprising 10,000 patients and 1,000 cases of sepsis, bleeding, and intubation.
  • Can install CoMET in under 24 hours—without new networks or sensors—using a single, real-time interface across wall monitors, desktops, and mobile devices.
  • MedTech Innovator semi-finalist, ranked 6th among 325 competitors globally at AdvaMed 2015, and received a Becton Dickinson Mentor Award.

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